Product Features

The Cezta Home Care Business Management Software developed from the ground-up, is engineered to help organisations to stream line all the key business processes and scale their business. This enables the teams to focus on goals which matters and respond swiftly to the new market opportunities. From scheduling to care giving to accounts receivables, from Recruitment to credentialing and training, From Leads to new Patients and beyond we have covered all the key processes in an integrated single solution.

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    Intelligent Scheduling

    An innovative, data driven, intelligent algorithm powers the Cezta Scheduling module to make it super-efficient and easy to use. Matching the patient needs to Care Giver service attributes (location, skills, competencies etc.)

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    Dynamic Dashboard & Reporting

    Every business is unique, so are the needs and challenges. Our dynamic Dashboard & Reporting module hands over the power of data analysis to the users with options to create customized reports and choose required Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for the dashboard.

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    Interactive Online Training

    Save time, reduce cost and keep track of your employees’ training and skilling programmes through our Online Training features.

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    Smart Revenue Cycle Management and Billing

    Fast and automated billing process with near zero manual errors provides complete visibility to billing and payments throughout the lifecycle of the revenue collection process.

    • Efficiency And Accuracy through reduced manpower, minimize manual errors and data entry time
    • Faster, by means of quicker billing and expedited payment cycles
    • Secure, Encrypted PII and PHI
    • HIPPA and HITEC compliant for Patient Record Safety
    • Maximize profits with near real-time visibility and alerts to all relevant billing, claims and receivable status which drastically minimizes missed opportunities and lost revenue
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    Secure Document Management

    Go Paperless Now! You know, We are already into the second decade of 21st Century! Smart Documents with built-in alerts and notifications provide rapid search capabilities, versioning, and granular security. Cezta Document Management (DMS) enables better collaboration among all required roles throughout an organization and Franchisee network. Integrated with leading electronic signature providers

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    Credentials, License and Permit Tracking

    Tightly integrated with the Cezta Smart Document Management (DMS), the Credentialing module helps the Franchisees and Franchisors to avoid the hassles of manually keeping track of license and permit expirations. It simplifies and automates all major manual work required in credentialing.

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    Real-time Royalty Reporting

    By building data driven collaborations between Franchisers and Franchisees, our Royalties module ensures accurate and transparent reporting. Our advanced analytics engine ensures the update of Royalties data in real time and provides insights into trends, challenges, and opportunities for growth.

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    Marketing and Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

    BMS automates and integrates all of your Franchisee's patient-centric activities, including sales, servicing, and marketing. In addition, our analytics tools help track and continuously drive the best customer experience for patients. The result is higher levels of lead conversions, customer satisfaction and loyalty, increased revenue, reduced costs, and smart decisions made possible by data driven insights. The ability to record and track referral sources helps you know the Life time Value of referrals and provides insights on where to channel your efforts!

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    Audits and Compliance (Remote Automated Audits)

    The Audits and Compliance module is meant for Inspections and Audits of the Franchisee by the Franchisor. The built-in automation and tightly integrated components help minimize the Field inspections and audit-proof collections. Save time, reap efficiencies and gain actionable intelligence, all at your fingertips!

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    Predictive Intelligence and Advanced Analytics

    Slice, dice, and visualize the data in your preferred way to mine meaningful and useful information from your data. Leverage the power of our Advanced Analytics engine to have a near real-time visibility and control of your business and to reap the benefits of predictive insights as your data grow.

CBMS is re-imagined and co-innovated with the leaders in Home Care Business as an Integrated Cloud First solution with intelligence applied on all forms of data.

The disparate traditional tools you currently uses, ties you up to just operate the business and limits your ability to focus on strategic goals and business growth.

We engineered CBMS to connect your processes and data together and apply intelligence to unveil a deep understanding of your business including sales, customer acquisition, patient service, caregiver experience and back-office operations.

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