• Integrated

    We provide Ecosystem orchestration of business partners. Our vision for the platform is to provide network integration with Insurance, Hospitals, Referrals, Patients, Care Givers, Regulators and new players.

  • Simple

    Our software is cloud-based with all modules completely integrated with each other. Simplicity and ease of use is our primary focus. Our screens are intuitive and self-explanatory. To use our platform, you do not have to download or install anything. After onboarding your business all is need is an internet connection and a device to get going

  • Insightful

    At every step of your business processes, you will have the right data, analytics and views available to you to make the right decision for your patients.

Connected Care Data Platform

Process Efficiencies

Processes and data together with Intelligence

Enterprise Grade

Centralized view for Franchisors. Multi-Units, Satellite Offices

Network Integration

Ecosystem orchestration of Business Partners

Data Repository

Central location for Data generated

Connected Care

IoT capabilities

Analytics Capabilities

Embedded and role based Analytics capabilities

End to End Process Efficiency’

Patient-Centric EMR

Improve accuracy and compliance through our simple to use EMR module

Realtime Royalty Reporting

Update of Royalties data in real time and provides insights into trends, challenges, and opportunities for growth

Dashboard and Reporting

Leverage data to provide answers to your most crucial questions through our analytics module

Intelligent Scheduling

Easy to use scheduling functionality automating everyday tasks

Marketing and CRM

Automates and integrates all your Franchisee's patient-centric activities, including sales, servicing, and marketing

Online Training

Ensure your staff has the skill sets and knowledge to go their best work

Smart Revenue Cycle Mgmt and Billing

Eliminate denials, maximize reimbursement and reduce time to payment with our Billing Module

Secure Document Mgmt System

Smart Documents with built-in alerts and notifications provide rapid search capabilities, versioning, and granular security

Audits and Compliance

The built-in automation and tightly integrated components help minimize the Field inspections and audit-proof collections


Intelligent Business Management Software to run and grow your entire Home Care business.

Cezta BMS is the first all-in-one software application suite, developed from the ground-up for the Home Care Business. BMS applies intelligence and automation to transform Home Care businesses from laborious operations to a lean, proactive and efficient modern day business. BMS as an integrated cloud based solution, helps you “do more with less” to accelerate your business. Empower the Franchisee Owners, Care Givers, Patients, Schedulers, marketers and Billing teams by harnessing the power of unified and simplified BMS.

BMS helps you better understand your business by making use of the power of data driven decisions and help focus on your strategic goals.


Cezta Business Management Suite (BMS) for Physical Therapy is a unified, intelligent software platform that runs on the Cloud and can be accessed via your computer or phone to efficiently run and grow your Physical Therapy business.

Cezta Business Management Suite is your single source for all key business processes. The simplified processes, built-in automation, world class User Experience, along with a host of innovative features helps the Physical Therapy Franchisees, Physical Therapists, Employees, and Franchisors to focus on the most important aspects of their business.


Cezta was created from our own need for integrated software to run our medical practices. From scheduling to billing, and training to marketing, the variety of platforms available was becoming overwhelming. We could tell a lot of manpower was being wasted entering the same data on multiple systems. We also realized this redundancy increased the chance of errors.

We looked to some of our staff that had experience in the Information Technology (IT) industry to create a solution that would reduce effort, improve accuracy and ultimately increase profit. The solution is the Cezta Business Management Suite. We then took the additional step to customize them for specific practices, Home Health Care and Physical Therapy.


Vivake Abraham


Having completed his education in Computer Information Systems, Vivake spent more than 18 years working in various dimensions of IT. He began in programming, moved on to infrastructure, and then spent the majority of his time excelling in IT Security. Along with his wife, Jithu, he then ventured into the healthcare realm where, for more than a decade, he has experienced a highly successful entrepreneurial career creating and managing five interconnected companies. Still utilizing his IT background and skills, he most recently partnered with colleagues to create and establish his newest venture - the rapidly growing Cezta software company. As with all of his businesses, the customer is the foundation for everything that takes place. Vivake believes in a systematic and simplistic approach: “Keep it Simple!” Cezta was created from the ground up by focusing on the end user and finding ways to allow technology to make their job easier. It is no surprise to hear clients praise the program for time savings and ease of use. Vivake is a strong leader and believes in empowering others to work smarter, and easier!

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Sreedhar P K

Co-Founder & Head of Delivery

Sreedhar has been a technologist with an outstanding track record of engineering and delivering robust business applications. Sreedhar also brings in a wealth of expertise in flawlessly operating mission critical IT solutions for numerous MNCs such as IBM, Microsoft, Barclays, CMS and their clients.

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Sabu Latheef

Co-Founder & Head of Operations

Sabu is an enterprising IT Operations leader with a diverse background in Enterprise infrastructure, Cloud and IT service management. Sabu have spent last 16 years in Accenture and Wipro in various IT Operations and leadership roles in the areas of Account Management, Project Management, Infrastructure and ISP networking

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Vidya P

Co-Founder, Director

Vidya is responsible for defining, gathering and prioritizing requirements for products and collaborating with Cezta engineering, marketing, sales and operations to ensure that Cezta's customer satisfaction goals are met. In addition, Vidya is the account manager for Cezta's top strategic customers. Vidya holds a degree in Electronics Engineering and has extensive experience working for customer support in top MNCs, bringing in functional and business knowledge of Physical Therapy and Home Care businesses.

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